Are you curious how sexy your picture is?

Are you curious how sexy your picture is? Don't wonder anymore. Upload it and give a chance to our sophisticated self learning algorithm to rate it. We worked hard to learn it recognise and rate female beauty as precisely as we would do it.

Submit a picture

How it works?

Just upload a picture. Our servers will process it and send you an email with the results after a while. The processing time depends from the size and complexity of the picture (usually around an hour or two) and on the load on our servers (the time may increase up to several hours during the peak hours in USA). The algorithm will try to recognise and detect all the criteria we evaluate.

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What are the criteria?

Our algorithm rates pictures from 1 to 10 in the following criteria:

  1. Background
  2. Body posture
  3. Face expression, makeup and hairstyle
  4. Clothes
  5. Overall fitness and beauty - multiplied by a factor based on your age
  6. Overall image quality - resolution, quality, contrast, etc.
  7. Average - from the above

Example Result

Maria, 29

  1. Background: Beach / Sea 10
  2. Body posture: Sitting 5
  3. Face expression, makeup and hairstyle: Smile and ruffled/windy hair 10
  4. Clothes: Swimwear 8
  5. Overall fitness and beauty: Fit and hot 10
  6. Overall image quality: Excellent 10
  7. Average: 8.83
Photo in the example by Chloe Kala from Pexels

Is the result always the same?

We are constantly trying to improve our algorithm, which is self learning and which will become more precise in image recognition over time. You can always use the contact form to ask us about your results.

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